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"For me Carl fits the bill whether I need a quick fix or whether I am looking to improve my golf game over time. Carl helped me get my driving and chipping back on track for a game in two days time and helped and get more confidence to play to my potential and enjoy it even more." 


                                               - John Brand

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Harewood Junior Golf Program :)


Hello Everyone :) 

Since the Harewood Juniors Sunday Golf was launched we have had great turn outs!

Myself & Robert Newton run this each Sunday until the juniors wear us both out lol

Fun, friends, social, value’s, learning, skills, etiquette, rules, courtesy, playing!

Everyone who is a junior is welcome, so if your looking at trying a new sport and wanting to learn new skills, meeting new like-minded people & making new friends to kick-around with, or wanting to continue your golf development.. then come and join us, we’re open to anyone with an interest in learning and excelling in this great game of golf :) 

Harewood Junior Golf Information

Dates, Times & Frequency: 

Junior coaching sessions are conducted every Sunday.

Once students have obtained the skills and confidence, we play holes every three weeks. This will further educate our kids for competition play, and most importantly get them using and testing their newly developed skills!


We ask for a $5 fee per session, to be paid on the day in the golf shop. This is to cover the costs of coaching & range balls.

Additionally, we are offering a super cheap value~packed Junior membership for those joining the coaching sessions.

For only $99 for the year. This will allow your child to play at other times during the week and also participate in junior inter~club competitions once they have acquired an official NZ Golf handicap. In addition to this...

- free access to other golf courses within Canterbury during School Holidays! (booking required)

- affiliation with NZ Golf, therefore the ability to get an official handicap.

- members rates for range balls and golf shop product purchases

- the ability to be a part of future junior events here and at other clubs.

- allow family and friends to play with the junior member at members guest rates!

Joining and becoming a member of Harewood will obviously allow them on the course, but also allow them to build camaraderie and form friendships. 

Thanks for reading. Any questions, feel free to ask. 

We look forward to seeing you again this Sunday and beyond! 


Carl & Rob

Golf Academy

Golf Lessons


Types of lessons available:

Beginner -  Elite players

Group coaching clinics

Junior programmes

Corporate packages

On course golf lessons

School programmes



TrackMan - Golf Swing Analysis  

On-line golf lessons

How much does it cost?

Please contact Carl to 

discuss your golfing needs.


Gift vouchers are available  

On-Line Golf Lessons


The convenience of online golf lessons is here! 

Online golf lessons are a useful way to continue your golf education.

Thanks to Edufii, you can now take productive, educational, game enhancing golf lessons wherever you are in the world!

The software means you can keep all of your golf lessons in one pace, video's, comments, learning centre, swing analysis.. all in one chronological place for easy access.. like a diary!


I can help you improve your golf swing technique, mental focus, on-course strategy, practice plans, fitness advice and direction, and conduct golf lessons live using my 25 years of golf professional playing and teaching experience.

Golf Swing Analysis


The Hudl golf swing analysis App has made coaching my students increasingly more interactive and fun in a learning process while live on the golf range or golf course or communicating online. The screen size on Ipad is ideal to for the student to view their golf swings. Everything is captured clearly at fast speed and stored. The tools available for analysing a golf swing are very easy to use. Golf instruction videos are included. Once you download the free App you will be able to store your own golf swing videos, analyse them, share them via email or through the online Hudl community. Using Hudl for golf lessons online is an ideal tool for me to keep in touch with my students with the sharing capabilities. 

Online golf instruction is increasingly popular as students and players travel from tournament to tournament, they easily have access to their Hudl App, they're very own traveling golf coach, and simply communicate with their golf coach this way!

My YouTube Channel


**YouTube Channel**

I've added a few video's to start with, I'm sure you'll gain a lot of great value from them, there will be many more to come!

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Eliminate Hip Sway:


How To Practise - Putting Drill


Putting Motion - Putting Drill


Post Round Improvement


Training Aids


Training Aids are part of the golf coach essentials these days with a huge range of designs available.

I don't conduct many golf lessons without the use of some type of training aid.

They assist the student in finding the right feel for certain parts of the swing technique the student is working on to improve. 

many are interesting and fun to use, and if used correctly and regularly, there's a great chance for the student (YOU) to improve your golf swing. 

Become A Golf Coach


If your interested in becoming a member of the New Zealand PGA, click on the link below to learn more.




"I have now lowered my scoring average by four shots just in this last year!

                                                                Elisha Crosbie

For me Carl fits the bill whether I need a quick fix or whether I am looking to improve my golf over time. Needed to get driving and chipping back on track for a game in two days time and he was able to get into some minor adjustments which have helped and given me more confidence.

                                                              John Brand

More Video's


Carl's Swing Video's 


Leadbetter Golf Academy - Xiamen, China


Rules & Etiquette Video's

A little Bit About Me :)

Hey there I am Carl, it's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting my golf website!

A little bit about me. Well, as a young fellow I played many team sports, & represented my province in rugby & cricket.

It was when I turned 15 years old that I decided to give these other sports up to play golf. 

I loved the dynamics of the swing and the feel at impact when I hit a sweetly struck ball. Seeing the ball take-off and travel so far was really a cool thing for me. I practised a lot and improve quite quickly, and thus was able to control my ball flights really well. 

I made my provincial junior team, then the seniors team.. wow then I made the New Zealand team!

This was especially amazing for me, as I was given many opportunities to travel throughout New Zealand and Australia. In total I have traveled to more than 18 countries!

I played in the World Eisenhower Championships twice before deciding to become a golf professional.

I played for six years on the Australasian PGA Tour and contested many tournaments where I got the chance to play with some great names like Adam Scott, Trevor Immleman, Michael Campbell, Geoff Ogilvy, Aaron Baddeley, Jason Day, and even teed it up 5 feet in front of Tiger Woods during the New Zealand Open!

At the conclusion of my Australasian PGA Tour playing career I began teaching this great game of golf. I completed my training in 2009 and began my own coaching contract service, entering a few highly respected golf clubs, and also assisted the Canterbury Golf Association with teams, squads trainings and tournament preparations.

I'm a fully qualified NZPGA AA Member.

My passion is to help people improve their golf games, and assist them to achieve their golfing goals.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my students perform admirably, to either win or gain excellent results.

I'm proud to be part of this amazing golf industry. I want to share all my experience and skills as a golf professional to as many people as possible!

I have always believed that every golfer can improve their golf, and the real enjoyment in golf is the challenge to be the best player that you can be.

Students improve by using the training tools & knowledge I pass onto them, to increase their golfing skills, lower they're scores, and therefore have fun with the learning process. I use the V1 Golf & Ubersense App digital video analysis systems in one-on-one teaching sessions. My goals are to help you improve on every aspect of the golf swing to increase power, improve accuracy and gain consistency. The short game of chipping, pitching, sand shots and putting is strongly emphasised to help everyone lower their scores. The short game accounts for up to 70% of your total score. To develop a complete player, all the mental aspects and course management skills are also emphasised with every golfer. 

I inform my students to understand their own swing functionality. Analysing the ball flight really is the cornerstone to becoming your own best teacher. Each student learns how to practice, how to play the golf course, how to analyse their game to find the areas that need the most improvement, and most importantly how to think and act like a winner! 

I am dedicated to introducing as many people as possible to the game of golf and helping them 

be the best golf player they can be!

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