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Distance Increase

Increase Your Distance With This Training Aid

Weight Transfer

Weight Transfer Drill


Great Golf Swing Balance


Perfect Impact


Clearly visualise the desired outcome to give yourself a much greater chance of pulling off the shot!


Bunkers can be scary, so in this video I teach you that swinging through with acceleration will help you get the ball out of the bunker and on to the green.

Producing good ball flights from the bunker by making consistent impact.

Rhythm & Balance

Focus on Rhythm & Balance

Two key components to good ball striking!

Driver Time

Learn to execute a right-to-left ball flight - DRAW

Learn to execute a left-to-right ball flight - FADE

Lob Shot

This Lob shot is relatively easy once you understand the simple mechanics of it. 

In my demonstration you will see for yourself how it can be done by getting into the correct setup position first, then focusing on using your shoulders & arms to swing the golf club.

During the swing the point to note is this: refrain from releasing/rotating the club face, maintain an 'open' face for higher/softer landing shots.

I guarantee your success from my tip :) 


Use Training Aids To Your Advantage & Improve Your Putting.. And Your Scores!

"Drive For Show - Putt For Dough

To Maintain A Stable Putting Motion Use This Handy Drill

Lydia Ko

Lydia takes us on a short but sensational journey around New Zealand's favourite golf courses. 

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password: TNZ

Lydia Ko cont..

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password: tnz

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